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City library and reading room

Among the library holdings are books in original languages.
The library was founded in 1957. It is organized as a public library, its activities covering the area of the City of Pula and other communities. This is the central library for the Italian nationality in the Republic of Croatia and also the central public and school library of Istria County. The library has altogether 83 000 books. The City library and reading room consists of the following libraries: Central library, Children's library, Library Veruda, Library in Vodnjan, Library Žminj at the “Čakavska kuća”, Central office for school and public libraries of Istria County, Central office for the Italian nationality in the Republic of Croatia.

Naval library

Among the great number of cultural and historic monuments that you shouldn't miss in Pula, the Naval Library (Marine-Bibliothek), located in the House of the Armed Forces is perhaps the least familiar one.
The Naval Library was founded in Venice in 1802, and the Republic of Austria donated part of its holdings to Pula in 1975. Part of the library holdings (some 11,000 volumes), together with inventory books has remained in the Library of the Austrian National Archives (Bibliothek des Österreichischen Staatsarchivs) in Vienna. In 1992 it was listed as a cultural monument of the Republic of Croatia.The Naval Library disposes of 6,757 titles in 20,371 volumes, among which there are 13,000 monographs, 7,000 journals, annuals and newspapers. These are strictly scientific and professional publications of scientific associations and institutions from all over the world published between the 16th century and 1918.

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University library

Central institution for all college, historical and specialized libraries of Istria County. It continues the work of Biblioteca provinciale dell'Istria (founded in 1861 in Poreč) and Biblioteca civica. In 1949 it was named Naučna biblioteka (Scientific library), whereas in 1979 it was joined to the University in Rijeka.