Arena Mysterium a unique city game

Arena Mysterium is a unique city game where teams of players perform different tasks, overcome obstacles and answer questions.

It is a story of a mystery that is hidden in an ancient amulet: a story of the bravery and courage of five valiant gladiators whose fates were once joined before eventually splitting and never meeting again. Thus, the mystery remained unrevealed. Until now…

Your perseverance and teamwork will lead you through the streets of beautiful Pula. You will discover the most famous sights and also less known but equally interesting spots, and you will learn a lot about the history and life in those places.

It is simply a great new way to get to know tourist destinations without a guide in a playful way.

It is a great way how to enjoy your leisure time with your friends, family or colleagues through teambuilding.

Arena Mysterium game can be booked online on the official website or over the phone at +385 95 757 8555. The price for one team (2-5people) is 440 Kn (60 Eur).

The game can be played in Croatian, English, German, Italian, Czech and Slovak.

Available daily from 9 A.M to 6 P.M.

Arena Mysterium has been created by CITY GAME j.d.o.o.


Take a sneak peek into how the game looks like:


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