Croatian and Bayern legends match in the Arena on July 8

Bayern Munich and Croatian football legends meet in an exhibition tournament that will be played in the Pula Arena on July 8. So, the Roman amphitheater will be turned into a futsal pitch for the first time. The tournament will be played on a 40x20m futsal pitch, which will be placed in the center of the Arena.

The first part of the spectacle includes the team introduction (the two “Vatreni” and Bayern teams), followed by the tournament draw and juniors exhibition match. The tournament starts with the two semi-final matches between “Vatreni” and Bayern legends. Matches for the 1st and 3rd place will then be played.

Although all the team members are not known, some of the Bayern legends in the match will include: Ivica Olić, Paulo Sergio, Giovane Elber, Martín DeMichelis, Luca Toni, Klaus Augenthaler, Marcel Witeczek,  whereas some of the Croatian team legends will be: Stipe Pletikosa, Robert Jarni, Ivan Klasnić, Marjan Mrmić, Ardian Kozniku, Petar Krpan, Ognjen Vukojević and others.

Presale tickets can be purchased online at , at all Tisak media sales points and at the ticket office in front of the Arena on the day of the event.

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