Circolo Classic 03.- 31.08.2021.

If we try to imagine an ideal place to watch movies, one of the many scenarios would undoubtedly be: somewhere in the city center, hidden from passers-by, on deck chairs, with good company and drinks, under the starry sky, in front of a big screen, with top quality … If we add to that the ideal choice of film, then it would certainly have to be some unforgettable, preferably black and white, classic from a long film history. Circolo Classic is a melancholy cinema on the terrace of the Italian Community that combines a fairytale setting with film delicacies. In the desire to give our citizens, casual passers-by and tourists a new and pleasant experience, we left the air-conditioned cinema, forgot about modern movie hits and went into an unforgettable, glamorous story in the fresh summer air.

Circolo Classic 3.- 31.08.2021. PROGRAM:

  • 3. 8. 2021. Bella di giorno/ LJEPOTICA DANA
  • 8. 8. 2021. Le notti bianche/BIJELE NOĆI
  • 10. 8. 2021. Les parapluies de Cherbourg/CHERBOURŠKI KIŠOBRANI
  • 17. 8. 2021. Matrimonio all’italiana/BRAK NA TALIJANSKI NAČIN
  • 22. 8. 2021. Repulsione/ODVRATNOST
  • 24. 8. 2021. Una giornata particolare/JEDAN IZUZETAN DAN
  • 29. 8. 2021. L’ultimo metrÒ/POSLJEDNJI METRO
  • 31. 8. 2021. Otto e mezzo/OSAM I POL
  • Tickets: 20,00 kn, www.kinovalli.net or an hour before at the entrance
  • Program: Circolo Classic program

30. Juli 2021.

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