The exhibition “Horizon of Expectations” at the Museum and Gallery Center “Sacred Hearts”

The exhibition “Horizon of Expectations” has been opened at the Museum and Gallery Center “Sacred Hearts”. This project represented Croatia at last year’s 57th International Art Exhibition – La biennale di Venezia/Venice Biennale. Visitors will have a chance to see the installations by artists Tina Gverović (Phantom Trades: Sea of People) and Marko Tadić (Events Meant to be Forgotten) according to the concept of Branka Benčić, curator and commissioner of the Croatian Pavilion.

The exhibition “Horizon of Expectations” takes the form of a double solo exhibition and brings together two artistic positions that deal with the issues of uncertainty, tension or collapse and how they relate to different conditions and contexts. Using different media such as installation, objects, video, animation, painting, these two artists create a series of correlations; the approach to display encourages the observer to actively engage, articulating the performative character of moving through the space.

12. March 2018.

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