Park Forest Šijana

Park Forest Šijana is located in the northeastern part of Pula, only 2 kilometers from the city center. At the beginning of the last century, it was called Kaiserwald (Imperial Forest), when it served as a rest area and recreation grounds for the Austro-Hungarian army and gentry. Today, it is a place of fun, recreation and rest, very popular for excursionists since it can be easily reached by local transport. Thanks to its natural, historical and cultural heritage, Šijana was proclaimed a park forest in 1964.

It covers an area of 152 ha.
This is the city’s green oasis with wooded areas and meadows.
It has an extensive network of well-maintained walking/bike and educational trails (6 trails altogether 20 km long)
Park Forest Šijana also has 2 theme meadows: central meadow and meadow of celestial labyrinths.

The central meadow covers an area of 1 ha with:
Children’s playground
Rest area with benches and tables
Catering facility (bar)
Recreation point
Picnic area

Meadow of celestial labyrinths covers an area of 0.25 ha with:
Five celestial labyrinths (power, feelings, connection, energy, wisdom)

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