Outlook and Dimensions also in the Zerostrasse tunnels

This year’s Outlook and Dimensions festivals, with their unique and historical venues such as Pula’s Arena, Fort Punta Christo and the open sea, offer visitors an additional dimension, deeper and more interesting than ever before. For the first time this summer, the festivals descend into the underground Zerostrasse tunnels below Pula, where special parties will be held during the festival days.

Pula’s underground tunnels were built during World War I to provide shelter for civilians in case of air raids. These tunnels connect the city with its onetime military zones and forts. Today, this complex network of tunnels is a unique attraction for tourists from all over the world.

The first to open the tunnels to Dimensions Festival visitors and bring a selection of electronic elite that will surely shake the city is Resident Advisor, one of the most influential media in the world of electronic music. Zerostrasse Dimensions party will take place Thursday, August 30. Tickets may be purchased only by holders of Dimensions Festival tickets with advance onsite registration at this link. Regional Dimensions Festival tickets are available on the following  link.

23. April 2018.

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