Pula cultural summer in the Little Roman Theater

  • After the spectacular opening celebrated the restoration of the Small Roman Theater in Pula Kastel, the only preserved ancient theater in Croatia, this place has become a new open-air stage, where numerous events will be organized during the summer 2023. as part of the Pula Cultural Summer program. The first evening of the program was held on June 2 with a concert by Darko Rundek and the HRT Jazz Orchestra, and it continues on June 30 with the Ballet Parade. The cult band Morcheeb will be a guest on July 2nd, while on July 7th the Lado Ensemble is on the program. The opera Amorosa will follow on July 8, the symphonic gala concert “Dances under the stars” on July 14, “Tosca” by Giacomo Puccini will be on July 26 in the Pula Arena, while “The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci” will be again in the Small Roman Theater on August 15. The program of the Pula cultural summer ends with the musical and stage show “The Bridge” on August 18
  • Tickets for all programs are available at www.eventim.hr.

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