Spring in Pula

Pula and its history, sea and coast, as well as numerous natural beauties are ready to fill your life with unforgettable experiences. Now is the right time, nature unfolds in its full splendor, magically inviting to be embraced, inspiring, invigorating and connecting in a multitude of ways. This is the time of travel, enjoyment, exploring and socializing, the time for new challenges and experiences, and Pula offers it all. Pula will reveal its rich past, with the opportunity to immerse into its three-thousand-year old history and track its growth and development from Roman times and Antiquity, until the present.

Surrounded by 30 kilometers of coastline, protected park forests, numerous cycling and running trails, Pula is the perfect destination for a safe holiday, guaranteed by the national safety label Safe stay in Croatia. Watching one of the most beautiful sunsets by the turquoise sea, walking into the magnificent ancient Arena, enjoying the landscaped parks or the Park Forest Šijana, feeling the spirit of bygone days preserved by the old Pula market, visiting the Austro-Hungarian fortresses, Aquarium at Verudela or sailing to the spectacular Brijuni National Park- all this is possible in Pula. “Eternal Pula” or “the city on seven hills” as it is often called, Pula will not disappoint you. Relax and discover everything else this magical city has to offer, enjoy the freedom and visit Pula this spring.

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