One of the great ways of getting to know a city is by shopping, so if you enjoy this kind of activity be sure to take a walk through the city center, from Portarata Square to the Forum along Sergijevaca Street which is lined with a variety of shops selling shoes and clothes; here you can also find grocery stores, pharmacy, jewelry, stationary and souvenir shops … The Forum is also the starting point for Kandlerova Street, famous for its galleries offering unique and interesting souvenirs. There are also many attractive shops at Giardini, Laginjina, Cisccutijeva, Flanatička, Istarska Streets …

However, there is no shop that can replace the charm of a marketplace. In the deep shade of wild chestnut trees, Pula’s market also offers many original Istrian homemade products. Here you can also find the beautiful marketplace building, a masterpiece of Secession style built in 1903, with a fish market, butcher shops, bars…

Shopping centers are very convenient shopping places as well because they have spacious parking lots and are open until very late… At Stoja 14A there is a large shopping centre Max City. at Ul. Rimske centurijacije 101 Pula City Mall, and Super Konzum at Šijanska cesta 1 are large supermarkets also offering non-food products. At these shopping locations you can find shoes and clothes shops, perfume shop ect.

Nearby, at Labinska Street 2a is Lidl, and if you continue straight through the roundabout, towards the city center, there are two other shopping centers: Kaufland (Jurja Žakna 3) and Plodine (Jurja Žakna 12). Shopping center Spaar is at Santorijeva 13.

Four times a year there are special shopping offers in Pula when most shops in the city center offer at least a 15% discount on all merchandise.

Love Shopping is organized for Valentine’s Day and this year it will be held on February 14. A prize competition will be organized as well.

Late Night Shopping, in June brings a music program and fashion show to the city centre, which surely makes shopping (shops are open from 8 pm until midnight) more enjoyable and fun. This year it will be held on June 22.

Let’s shop in Pula is a shopping event held on October 3. Shops are open from 9 am – 2 pm. Let’s shop in Pula is associated with the Crafts Fair and this is a chance for everyone to enjoy the music program at Portarata Square and the marketplace.

Shopping on St. Nicholas Day is associated with St. Nicholas Day — December 5. This year it will be held on November 30. This shopping event is usually held on Saturday before St. Nicholas Day.

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