4th Pula Carnival will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

Sign up for the Carnival in Pula until 23 January

The preparations for the 4th Pula Carnival, which will be held on Saturday, 3 February 2018, are well under way.

We would like to invite you to apply for this year’s Carnival in Pula and to submit your application form no later than 23 January 2018.

We remain at your disposal for any questions. Contact person: Vesna Pula Tourist Board-

We hope to see you soon at the Pula Carnival and, just like at the beginning of this year, have a great time and enjoy the event.

If you really want to be someone else for a moment, then the Pula Carnival is the perfect place for you. This festivity is traditionally held before Lent, on January 17, the Pula Mayor hands over the symbolic key of the City of Pula and all the powers it symbolizes to the Master of the Carnival. This moment marks the beginning of the period when Pula is under the “rule of masks”, promising everything, reacting and criticizing current issues and events.

The most interesting sight is surely the carnival parade when hundreds of masks parade through town, in 2017 there were over 600 masks from all over Croatia and Slovenia, entertaining the citizens of Pula and tourists along the way, and culminating in the masquerade.

According to the program, collecting of the carnival groups will start in the morning at parking Karolina, at 11.30 am the carnival parade  will start in front of  the Arena, where will be the first presentation of the groups, continue to the Portarata Square, where the main presentation of the masked groups will be held. After the Portarata Square the masks will continue through the streets of Sergijevaca and Kandlerova to Karolina. All participants of the Carnival will get lunch at Karolina, and after that, at 3 pm at the same location, there will be a big costume ball for all  visitors of the Carnival with Mauro Staraj & La Banda   (in case of rain in Circolo) .

On the day preceding Ash Wednesday (Shrove Tuesday), February 13, carnival events end with the burning of the “Pust” – an effigy made of straw, a the traditional culprit for all the last year’s troubles.

2. January 2018.

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