Spectacvla Antiqva 2021

Over the past years, the unique gladiator fights spectacle has attracted thousands of visitors to the Arena of Pula.

The event known as Spectacvla Antiqva, which takes place in the Roman amphitheatre, recreates gladiator fights. These gladiator fights are just as attractive and interesting as in Roman times.

Spectacvla Antiqva introduces its spectators to the tradition that dates back to the 4th century BC. Gladiator fights in the Arena evoke the spirit and mentality of ancient times; revive the days of gladiator fights, which were carefully organized and extremely popular, yet brutal with no mercy.

Today’s gladiators fight with real weapons, dressed in authentic clothing, wearing protective body armor, all hand-made replicas of ancient Roman ones. At the end of the program, visitors can take photos with gladiators and admire their unique equipment.

2021 Program:

  • TUESDAY 29/06 / WEDNESDAY 28/07
    THURSDAY 29/07 / TUESDAY 03/08
    THURSDAY 05/08 / TUESDAY 10/08
    THURSDAY 12/08 / TUESDAY 17/08
    THURSDAY 19/08 / THURSDAY 26/08
    WEDNESDAY 01/09 / TUESDAY 07/09
  • Entrance for Spectacvla Antiqva is possible only with valid EU Digital COVID Certificate (Digital and/or paper format with QR code).
    Adults: 80 kn
    Children 3 – 18 yrs: 40 kn
    Children < 3 yrs: free entrance

30. July 2021.

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