Pula is – a thrill!

Is it possible to travel through three thousand years of history at one moment and enjoy all the amenities of modern life at the next? Is it possible to enjoy the silence of green oases and then race down the bike trail and soak up the warmth of the morning sun? In Pula, all this is possible. And while the magnificent monuments, as silent witnesses of millennial history, “tell” the story of how the city came to be, the ancient game of gladiators, Spectacvla antiqua, will evoke events from long past but still very exciting times, which you can even take part in.

But Pula is much more. Already at the entrance to the city port, the “lighting giants”, huge illuminated shipyard cranes, prove that Pula is a city of light, a city of modern installations that won’t leave you indifferent. It is a city where you can please all your senses. Green oases, such as the “imperial” Šijana forest, are great places for various forms of recreation – running, cycling, workout… The city market offers a variety of colours, plenty of flavours and aromas of local produce, and the building itself seems to invite you to “immerse” yourself in and feel almost the same atmosphere as the one at the beginning of the 20th century. If you want to taste local cuisine and traditional dishes, numerous restaurants in the city centre will provide you with top delicacies, paired with a glass of good wine. Sometimes a short break is enough to soak up the beauties of the city. A simple cup of coffee in the company of James Joyce, with a view of the Arch of the Sergi, can become a moment to remember.

Another special treat in Pula is its large Aquarium, situated within the walls of the Austro-Hungarian fortress at Verudela, with more than 250 living organisms as well as a unique Seaturtle Recovery Centre. Just like in every single corner of the city, even here history and modern times are intertwined. If you want to experience special moments that you will long remember, visit the nearby Brijuni Islands, the only national park in Istria. As many as 14 islands and islets boast beautiful flora and unusual fauna. It is a place where dinosaurs used to walk, their footprints still visible today, but also a place where statesmen used to meet and make history. It is preserved in time and ready to be discovered in one breath!

In order to complete your holiday and visit to Pula, there are various types of quality private accommodation and hotels, and young travellers and those seeking adventure can choose between numerous campsites and hostels. Pula really has something for everyone!

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