Online payment of tourist tax for vessel owners or users

Tourist tax for vessel owners

The Croatian National Tourist Board has launched a multilingual online portal which enables vessel owners and users to pay the tourist tax online. This portal presents a new, additional way of paying the tourist tax for vessels, which was until now only possible in harbormaster’s offices or their branches.


The portal is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian, and it guides the user through the process of applying for and paying the tourist tax in a simple and user-friendly way. Moreover, the portal supports payment using all major credit cards, and following the payment, the user will receive an e-mail confirmation which they are to keep throughout their stay on the vessel.


Bear in mind that, in accordance with the Tourist Tax Act, vessel owners and users can pay the tourist tax based on the length of the vessel, and, since 2020, based on the number of persons on-board, i.e. overnight stays, if this is more economical for them, especially in the case of shorter stays.

17. July 2020.

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