Would you like to find out more about traditional Istrian cuisine, and what ingredients were part of everyday Istrian meals? Roll up your sleeves and learn how to prepare a delicious and  healthy meal!

The Ethnographic Museum of Istria / Museo Etnografico dell’Istria and the House of Istrian Olive Oil are organizing salad preparation workshops during the month of September 2017. Every Wednesday, following a short presentation on traditional Istrian cuisine, the participants will learn how to prepare a typical Istrian seasonal salad with locally grown ingredients (radicchio, rucola, tomatoes and cucumbers to name just a few). You will also learn how to dress it using organic extra virgin olive oil and finally, enjoy what you have created!

Available dates: September 6th, 9th and 20th
Time: 17:00 h
Duration of workshop: 60 min
Price: 75 kn

Booking a minimum of one day in advance is necessary at:

5. September 2017.

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