Visualia Festival – September 19-21, 2019

Visualia Festival, the Festival of Light, will be held from September 19 to 21. The 7th edition of this festival of light attracts a great number of both domestic and foreign visitors.

Visualia Festival is the first festival of light in Croatia, and the fact that it is being held for the seventh year in a row is proof of its great quality. Visualia presents the magic and beauty of new technologies and audiovisual art and at the same time has a great impact on city branding. A novelty this year is the fact that Visualia Festival is partner with the ILA (International Light Association) which brings together professionals from all over the world with a common desire to share knowledge, skills and passions about light. Their mission is also to share and disseminate information and promote research in the field of light. The ILA group consists of many audiovisual artists, many of whom will exhibit their works as part of the 2019 Visualia Festival program. Some 300 ILA members will hold their next conference in Pula during the Visualia Festival, which makes this 7th Festival edition even more special.

This year, too, numerous installations will be set up all over the city.

On the last night of the Festival, the Pula X Race will be held through the city bathed in light.

Pula’s Visualia Festival was held for the first time in 2013, with 3D Mapping, and its program has been increasing every year. Already the following year it also included the “Lighting Giants”, illuminated cranes of Uljanik Shipyard, which have become the city’s new attraction and symbol. In 2015, the Guinness world record was broken in the Arena, for the largest photography of people forming a light sign, known as the “Light Postcard”. Last year, Visualia Festival was included in the calendar of international light festivals.

During the three days of Visualia Festival around 15,000 visitors are expected who will surely enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience.

This year’s visual identity has been traditionally created by Jean Sambolec, 3D artist with years-long experience in 3D visualization, design and animation.

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