Mobile application pula+ heritage tour

The mobile application pula+ heritage tour is a cultural guide of the City of Pula created as a response to high-technology markets and the fact that tourists, as well as all visitors to Pula, mostly organize and create their stay using their smartphones. The two cultural tours – Roman and Austro-Hungarian Pula, cover the most significant cultural attractions and sights from different periods of Pula’s turbulent past.

The interactive map, photo gallery and descriptions, myths with details of the story related to each attraction, guide the user through some 70 attractions and sights, bring Pula’s history much closer, and enable easier orientation across the city’s cultural routes and quick access to the needed information. Austro-Hungarian Pula is connected with the program 1914 – Puna je Pula / Pola gremita / Pula is crowded, commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I.

The mobile application also includes the city’s most important cultural landmarks: the categories Pula+ and Pula+ events recommend visits to museums, galleries, theater, multimedia center, as well as cultural events and projects of the 1914 – Pula is crowded program.

The development of mobile application is just part of the cultural and tourist package, which also includes a pula+ heritage tour guide published in 5 languages, DVD postcard and souvenirs.

Free mobile application download is available on:

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