It is believed that the tradition of giving little things after returning from a journey goes back to the distant past. Travelers have always brought home mementoes or keepsakes as reminders of their travels, to give to their dear friends or just for themselves. Such little things are called souvenirs, deriving from the Latin word subvenire, meaning to remind, recall.

In Pula’s shops you will surely find a variety of souvenirs that after returning home will remind you of Pula and the wonderful time you spent there. A useful tip – when buying souvenirs, bear in mind that you are traveling, so this “little thing” that you purchase as a memento shouldn’t be too big. The souvenir you give to your friends or relatives needn’t be too expensive, the right choice is what matters.

Here is a list of items you can buy in Pula, to remind you of the city with a three thousand year-old history.


Istarske Knjižare, Matka Laginje 7, tel: +385 52 219025
Amfiteatar, Souvenir Shop
Museum – Gallery Sacred Hearts
Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria
M2, Sergijevaca 39

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