Warm Winter in Pula and on the Medulin Riviera in the south of Istria

The Medulin Riviera and the city of Pula are ideal destinations for a winter holiday, cultural and historical exploration or recreation

With over 2,300 hours of sunshine per year, the city of Pula and the Medulin Riviera in the south of Istria, are ideal destinations for an autumn and winter holiday. This is a feature emphasized in the campaign “Warm Winter” that presents Pula and the Medulin Riviera as destinations, with their accommodation facilities, and their natural and cultural resources, as ideal and safe places to spend a winter holiday.

Besides hotels, hostels, apartments and holiday homes, for the first time ever, the Medulin Riviera and the city of Pula boast of having two camps that will remain open throughout the winter: Arena Stoja Camp and Grand Kažela Camp, both belonging to the Arena Hospitality Group, offering endless activities and entertainment for their guests.

There are thousands of reasons to visit the 3,000-year-old city of Pula and the Medulin Riviera consisting of Medulin, Premantura, Banjole, PješčanaUvala, Pomer and Vinkuran.

Throughout the year, the fabulous nature and the sea offer many ways to be explored through recreation because the entire area is interwoven by bike and hiking trails along the seaside, across nature parks, or you can explore the cultural treasures of Pula and the Medulin Riviera. Thanks to its climate and sports infrastructure, this area offers ideal sports and recreation activities: 6 FIFA-sized football stadiums in Medulin, the 5,900 m2 indoor city swimming pool, two stadiums with athletic facilities, tennis courts, trim tracks and other sports facilities.

The most significant natural treasures of Pula and the Medulin Riviera are Kamenjak Nature Park which is one of the rare habitats of endangered and protected plant and animal species of the coastland, Park ForestŠijana which has been a popular outdoor meeting place since the Austro-Hungarian period, as well as Brijuni National Park which, in addition to its rich nature, is a unique outdoor museum.

The cultural heritage of Pula and the Medulin Riviera is very rich, dating from Antiquity until modern times. In the center of Medulin you can explore the Vižula Archaeological Park, or the best known monument in Pula, the Arena amphitheater with its exhibition “Viticulture and Olive Oil Production in Istria During the Roman Period” in its subterranean section. In Pula you should visit the Temple of Augustus and the Venetian Town Hall in the Roman Forum, the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi, the Twin Gates or the oldest Gate of Hercules. The center of Pula boasts many galleries, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria located in the Venetian fortress Kaštel. A legacy of Austro-Hungary in Pula is the Marine Casino, known today as the House of Croatian Defenders, whose inauguration was attended by Franz Joseph I., and the ring of fortifications that defended this area. Many of them are presently in use, as well as the 130-year-old fort Verudela with the Pula Aquarium. This is where the Adriatic rich flora and fauna uniquely blend with the centuries-old military history of Pula. There is also Malin, deriving its name from the Istrian dialect word for mill which is the symbol of Medulin. It has been the guardian of its port, built 140 years ago. Presently restored, it grinds grain again.

When you wish for something else besides nature and culture of the Medulin Riviera and Pula, you can have fun and relax in the many bars or taste the diverse gastronomic offer, from traditional food such as gnocchi, pljukanci, fuži, Istrian prosciutto, to excellent fish specialties, truffles and modern cuisine. Each dish tastes better when adding the international awarded Istrian olive oils, and when accompanied with Istrian wines, Malvasia and Teran.

If you wish to enjoy autumn and winter in the south of Istria, mild climate and safe surroundings, we invite you to the Medulin Riviera and city of Pula, to explore the cultural and historic heritage, for recreation or simply to enjoy the sound of waves with a view of the magical horizon.

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