Tito’s park

The construction of the park began in the 1940s and was completed in 1953. In the front part along the sea a monument in memory of the fallen fighters by Vanja Radauš was erected here in 1957. This very popular park provides rest on its benches to the elder visitors in the shade of the impressive plane-trees and pines all year round. Besides the Aleppo pine, its majority is formed of flowering shrubs of spirea, Judas tree, tamarisk, oleander and Japanese cherry that with its beautiful colors liven the area during its flowering in spring and summer. Oleander shrub is a recognizable species of the Mediterranean climate, that by its flowering throughout the summer attracts the attention of passers-by. The green parts of this plant are poisonous and one should be careful that the white juice the plant releases does not come in contact with the mucous membrane. In the botanical world this species counts for an indicator of water, as it feels the presence of water even if it is deeper under ground.